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WCE Acoustics (Wing Cheong Electrical Co. Ltd). is a wholly owned subsidiary of WCE Group Holdings Ltd., incorporated in Hong Kong. First established in 1969, our company started out as a wholesaler of electrical appliances for the local market. During the early 80's, the company expanded and set up its first loudspeakers manufacturing facilities. Over the years, our company has evolved into a group of companies with our own manufacturing capabilities. With 45 years of industry experiences, our company has solidified its position as a renowned audio products manufacturer exporting to countries all over the world. We offer flexible, cost effective and high quality EMS solution and complete product assembly through our superb manufacturing facilities.


We believe product quality is the key of success in the manufacturing industry. With many years of experience and expertise in manufacturing, our factories have established a comprehensive QA system to ensure all our products can meet with the most stringent quality standards. Our production plants in Shenzhen are accredited for ISO9001 and ISO14001. Our mission to serve our customers with the best product and service, so we always have our ears open and listen to feedbacks from our customers. With the valuable inputs from our customers, we would strive to have continuous improvement and deliver the best to our customers.

Throughout the years, WCE Acoustics has established close partnership and long term business relationship with many multi-national companies around the world. Thus, no business is too small for us, some of our clients started with a trial purchase of small quantity. And with our outstanding product quality and service, these clients have eventually grown into a committed business partners over years. Together with our clients, we explore unlimited opportunities and have successfully ventured into new business avenues.


Under the leadership of our professional management team, our company offers integrated services to ensure our customers enjoys one-stop-shop service and time-to-market product creation. We have a team of knowledgeable and experienced engineers and product designers who specialize in research and development. Moreover, a strong in-house marketing team resides at Hong Kong headquarters specializes in global advertising as well as product conceptual design. This company setup enables us to distinguish ourselves and rise among others in the ever-growing competitive market.



With years of loudspeaker manufacturing experiences, WCE Acoustics has supplied different type of loudspeakers ranging from ceiling speakers, stage speakers, car speakers to multimedia speakers. We have become a brand representing quality and service. In recent years, through our clear vision in marketing, coordinating with sales and R&D, we are highly sought-after as an expert advisor on loudspeaker topics within the security and telecom industry.


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  • You will benefit from our expertise and experiences in loudspeaker building

  • You will no longer be barred by industrial approvals and standards since we have a solid knowledge in related field

  • You will be advanced by our quick and flexible R&D services

  • You will enjoy our competitive price as we have a strong network with components suppliers in Mainland China from electronics, plastics extrusion moulding, cables, and etc.

  • You will not worry about product quality or shipment delay since our production is under comprehensive quality control with ISO accredited

  • You will be served by our professional sales team who speaks and understand your needs


Company Background
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