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6 Areas of Expertise

  • Product Design & Development

  • Complete Electronics Solutions

  • Electronics & Mechanical Engineering

  • Loudspeaker Customization & Fine-tuning

  • Machining & In-House Prototyping

  • OEM Project Management

3 Simple Reasons

  • 40 years of making loudspeakers

  • In-house PC board assembly via SMT

  • From design to production under same roof

We Create Audio Product?

We Create Enterprises

WCE Acoustics, derived from Wing Cheong Electrical Company Limited in 2010, is an expert in audio project development as well as various related services. Powered by 40+ years of loudspeaker manufacturing experiences, WCE Acoustics has the knowledge of what it takes to make excellent audio products. From concept to market, WCE Acoustics assists individuals and companies all over the world with original ideas and designs. We will guide you through the entire development process to manufacture and beyond.


WING CHEONG Electrical Co. Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of WCE Group Holdings Ltd., incorporated in Hong Kong. First established in 1969, the company started as an importer/exporter and wholesaler of electrical appliances for the local market. During the early 80's, the company expanded and set up its first loudspeakers manufacturing facilities. Over the years, the company has evolved into a group of companies with its own manufacturing capabilities. With its 40 years of industry experiences, WING CHEONG has solidified its position as a renowned speaker manufacturer and exporting raw speakers to countries all over the world.


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